Mitchell Street Press is proud to introduce the first novels by author Stewert James

and they will make you re-think what you believe to be true about the political playing field in the United States. Do you really know who’s running your government? Your Country? The first Super PAC novel finds Parker Moore learning more than he bargained for and working hard just to stay alive. In the second and third novels, it’s time he battled back!

  • Writing with Hemingway at City Park Grill

    Enjoy a stroll through time and space as Stewert James sits in Papa’s chair at City Park Grill to write or edit all of the stories in this wonderful collection. Walk with a Yeti; set a trap for The Raptor; listen to Ernest Hemingway discuss writing while gulping martinis; share history with Martin Luther King;… [Continue Reading]

    Writing with Hemingway at City Park Grill
  • Super Pac Dark Money Fracking

    In Super PAC Dark Money Fracking, by Stewert James (, already in its 2nd printing after a late 2014 release, learn about the dirty secret of political dark money from the success of fracking being used by big oil and gas to maximize their political wealth and influence across a wide swath of the earth.… [Continue Reading]

    Super Pac Dark Money Fracking
  • The Shorts

    by Stewert James.

    A Collection of Short Stories

    Tour a collection of stories traversing through a mysterious man sitting in an intersection, a meeting with a yeti, a conversation with Hemingway, and …wait, are you reading from a Kindle? Be careful – you’ll see. Read more…

    The Shorts
  • Super PAC Nine-Day Shadow

    Second Novel in Super PAC Trilogy: Super PAC Nine-Day Shadow by Stewert James In its 3rd Printing! Parker Moore finds himself between his old group of NSA colleagues and a formidable super PAC group from Dubai.   The Citizens United horror story opens the curtain of the stage that has become the American way of life in politics… [Continue Reading]

    Super PAC Nine-Day Shadow
  • Super PAC Strikethrough

    Announcing First Novel in Super PAC Trilogy: Super PAC Strikethrough

    by Stewert James.

    The first Super PAC wasn’t about the money, but what’s coming will scare you to death.

    Super PAC <del>Strikethrough</del>

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