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Announcing First Novel in Super PAC Trilogy: Super PAC Strikethrough

by Stewert James

Now in it’s 3rd Printing!

The first Super PAC wasn’t about the money, but what’s coming will scare you to death. Political machines outside the boundaries of the United States making money to buy influence?  Politicians who have become rich constantly working on their elections or re-elections instead of working on public policy for the American people?  Our political environment is a secret.  It has become the biggest business, but only a few select individuals are allowed inside the walls.  Fall out of favor, and you might lose your life.

Stewert James provides a real-life insider’s view in Super PAC Strikethrough.  The first novel in a trilogy opens at the famous Roast & Toast in Petoskey, Michigan, travels the United States, and traverses back through Harbor Springs, Michigan to a surprise ending.  (Available at Mclean & Eakin Bookstore, Between the Covers, Horizon Books, and to all bookstores through Midpoint Books)

“I wanted this book to be about the political arena as an education to the reality.”  notes James who spent 25 years as an educator, executive, and lobbyist.  “The weaving of a real life story only helps to illustrate the complexities and the many cautionary tales that result from trying to do the right thing.”

The scary part?  What’s truth and what’s fiction?  The lines are blurred.  Stewert James pulls you into a life that begins with hope and aspirations for doing the right thing, but you find yourself moving into the reality that is our political system.  Experience a behind the scenes look into the backrooms where even the media is shut out or manipulated.

James adds, “The challenge to all is to accept, that right now, their government is for sale.”

Super PAC Strikethrough by Stewert James is a must read before the 2016 presidential election.  Do you really know what you’re voting for?

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